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a creative platform for team engagement

Team Performance
Employee Well-being
Staff Turnover

How we engage:

Deed activities are structured around the three key elements of team engagement:
ownership, recognition and reward. We give transparency to the involvement of every employee
in the team activities. We encourage participation and recognize the best team players.
Running small but regular engagement activities in Deed lead to high-performing, happy employees.

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Why Deed

Deed makes team activities efficient and engaging,
resulting in motivated, bonded and better performing employees


Get a single place for team activities

Launch challenges (=activities) that build organizational culture, improve communication, boost training efficiency or others


Use ready ideas

Pick challenge ideas from our catalog and activate them for your team within seconds


Join activities from anywhere

Invite all employees, including part-time and remote staff, to join your secure web-based channel in Deed


Engage long-term via gamification

Reward challenge participation with points, badges and certificates. Give incentives for reaching point levels and badge collections.


Monitor and generate reports

Get notified on all challenge activity, generate engagement reports


Boost team involvement

Let employees author challenges, pick challenge winners via member voting

Who is using Deed

What our clients are saying

Deed gives us the opportunity to improve the office spirit and engage our teams in an innovative and creative way. I am sure that soon this platform will find a place in more and more companies and HR practices.

— Iva Ivanova, Seeburger

Deed is like a meaningful game to me: you grow and have fun at the same time! If you choose to use it wisely, it might become a truly enriching environment for topic-oriented personal and professional development. I have been surprised by the depth seemingly innocent challenges have brought to me and other people joining.
If you choose to use Deed playfully, it is a place to interact, share and connect with your colleagues simply for the pleasure of communicating!

— Emiliya Ilieva-Kraynova, Communication Academy

Deed helped engage our audience in a truly creative way. The challenge interface is quite appealing, and, combined with an out-of-the-box challenge idea, helps boost challenge response rates a lot. I am looking forward to the next challenge idea we’ll launch together with Deed’s team.

— Ivan Shentov, Stenata outdoor sports

Community Days Belgium used Deed to engage its community of attendees and spread the word on our event. I’m very pleased with the results we got, we plan to use Deed challenges in our upcoming community initiatives too.

— Gill Cleeren, Community Days Belgium

Deed proved to be an excellent communication channel for us. The interface is intuitive and simple to use, the Deed team has been of great help and we got a high ROI from our Deed challenge.

— Ina Toncheva, Telerik

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